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About Sandi

Yes, just like you, I started out in life as an infant. But late in the 1st grade, it was discovered that I wasn’t learning to read (and, yes, they checked my eyes). Because there were no special education classes at that time, my teacher, Mrs. Hartman, became my reading coach; she continued to tutor me up through the end of 5th grade. To this day I am a fairly slow reader, and it doesn’t matter one iota (naturally, I will always be grateful to Mrs. Hartman). At the lofty age of 7 years, I decided that playing with dolls was for babies and I put them all away. The ultimate irony is that here I am now, making my living reading books, writing, and playing with dolls!

When I was in the 5th grade, I decided, “I never wanted to be boring” and have tried to live up to that! Yes, I’ve worn many hats in this incredible adventure called life. A few examples: waiting tables in the now famous Greenwich Village coffee houses of the late 60’s and early 70’s; taking a 12-passenger freighter to Europe, living there for almost three years (after leaving me appendix in London); a singing, guitar playing waitress in a showcase restaurant in Hollywood; being on the original Gong Show (no, I didn’t get gonged). I’ve been a clinical electrologist, with clients referred to my practice from Atlanta’s best dermatologists and plastic surgeons; I owned the very first USA franchise of Roly Poly Rolled Sandwiches (many of these stories—and more—are featured in some of my grownup concerts).

Many, many teachers and librarians assume that I’m a retired teacher, although I am not. I’m just doing what comes naturally!

in the following email I received some years ago: “My girls saw your show at the George Mason Library a few years back, and they are STILL retelling your stories! They are now 6.5 and 11 years old, and they want to know when you’ll be back!” Adrianne Hamilton, Parent, Annandale, Virginia.

The children of this current generation were practically born with electronic devices in their hands, eyes glued to one screen or another. I sincerely believe that what my vent puppets and I present, in the style “we” present it in (with attitude!), can truly make a difference. I see it right before my eyes, year after year, at the library summer reading programs as well as at the preschools which also have school age campers in the summer—I see so many of these same children every year, some of whom I’ve gotten to work with for over 8 or 9 successive years. I love to listen to them verbally excel. I love hearing about the stories of mine they still remember. I especially love hearing them share with me the books they are currently reading.

In the fall of 2013, I was honored to present interactive programs in 70 different elementary schools, including many on First Nation reservations. Through this Dakota Assemblies tour, I worked with children and teachers in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana; I slept in 58 different motels beds and drove over 11 thousand miles in just over 8 weeks (whew!). It was a unique and incredible experience, certainly one I will always treasure—and all because I love to read and play with dolls!

Welcome    |    Workshop    |    Children & Famiies    |   Adults    |    Vent Puppets    |    Videos    |    Accolades    |    About Me    |    Let's Celebrate    |    Contact
Honestly, if I told you the whole story, you probably wouldn’t believe me!
After all is said and done, there is nothing that has been more personally rewarding for me than being a Storyteller
and a Ventriloquist. The proof of this can be summed up