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Sandi with Toodles

“I had a Special Events committee meeting this morning and was told that everyone loved your energy; one teacher pointed out they liked how you were so in tune with the kids, and were able to re-engage them by changing your timing and dynamics.  The children loved interacting with the stories and the puppets.” 
      Amy Irizarry, Stock School, Chicago

“Thank you so much for your wonderful performance at the Boca Raton Public Library yesterday! The crowd we had was of mixed ages and you were able to entertain every single one of them. You also conveyed a love for the library that was great for everyone to hear. Your story on how you became and performer was very special and inspiring.” 
      Amanda Liebl, Youth Programs Director
      Boca Raton Public Library

 “Thank you for yet another outstanding performance!  I don’t know what’s more thrilling: watching the puppets come to life or seeing just how enthralled the audience is with your show.” 
      Anne Luzeniecki, Youth Services,
      Messenger Public Library, North Aurora, Illinois

“My girls saw your show at the George Mason Library a few years back, and they are STILL retelling your stories!  They are now 6.5 and 11 years old, and they want to know wen you’ll be back!” 
       Adrianne Hamilton, Annandale, Virginia

“As a children’s librarian, I truly appreciate how you weave stories, books, music, and motion into your presentation.  Of course, I also love how you teach the great resource known as the library to kids and their families.” 
      Steph Sauer, Librarian, Aberdeen Public Library       (Maryland)

“Monsters in the Bathroom” was a great program!  There are not many people (especially not storytellers) who can keep a room full of kids entertained for over 40 minutes—you had them mesmerized and laughing for a full hour!  Best wishes for the rest of your summer, and for the continuation of your stellar career!” 
      Carolyn Potter, Fairfax Free Library,
      Fairfax, California

"I just want you to know that I think your shows were GREAT!  The children were mesmerized!  There was a teacher sitting near me who was constantly laughing; on my way out of the building another teacher chased after me to say how much she and her students enjoyed you.”
      Sheila Ritter, Olney Arts Council Board,
      Olney, Illinois

“Sandi Sylver was awesome!  The kids and adults loved her and are very interested I seeing her again, hopefully for next year’sSummer Reading."
They did!)                                                           
      Marcia Cook, Family Coordinator, Stanford L.       Warren Branch, Durham, North Carolina

"I want to thank you for your two awesome presentations here at The Goddard School.  The children LOVED both shows.  They were entranced by how amazing your ventriloquism skills are and, to this day, are still talking about how the puppets were talking. The show was full of exciting stories and songs that kept the children smiling, laughing, dancing, and begging for more.  You have a fantastic gift that shines through during your performances.  We will definitely be booking a show for next summer.”                                                                                                              Jill Cassetto, Assistant Director,
      The Goddard School, Plainfield, Illinois

Welcome    |    Workshop    |    Children & Famiies    |   Adults    |    Vent Puppets    |    Videos    |    Accolades    |    About Me    |    Let's Celebrate    |    Contact
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