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Ventriloquist Puppets

• Toodles is a six-year-old-with-attitude. Her favorite color is “clear, with sparkles,” and Dr. Seuss is her favorite author. Like many of my puppets, she tells all different types of stories, including fractured fairy tales and a bilingual Spanish-English one. For adult presentations, she keeps her same personality; she loves to prattle-on about anything and everything she knows about, including Love and Other Icky Things. She’s the crowd favorite.

• Mrs. Ida Know-Why is a “seasoned citizen” from Georgia. In the interactive telling of The Little Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly (for children), she eats all the insects and animal right before their eyes! For grownup concerts, Mrs. Ida transforms into a hilariously cranky, whiney, and somewhat sarcastic individual who “is not afraid to let it all hang out” in public (this Southern Grandma is another crowd favorite).

• Shari Cary, like, from LongGyland, like, in Noo Yawk, is a rapping teenager who loves Shel Silverstein poems. She gets on my nerves, insisting I am her “ventricolist chauffer.” She tells jokes and full stories for both children and adults.

• Dr. Hardy HarHar, a retired physician/
professor, reminisces, diagnoses, prescribes, and pontificates.
Primarily for adult audiences, but is being worked into children’s performances, even as we speak.

• Uncle Sam teaches children why we celebrate the 4th of July and Memorial Day, along with other bits of history. He also appears for grownups.

• Frick and Frack, THE ZAX, argue their way through the Dr. Seuss poem, The Zax, from his book, The Sneetches. Sometimes they’ll make a cameo at adult shows.

• Mr. Book visits from his shelf at the library. He reminds children to treat books and other library items with respect.



• Smokless Dragon loves jokes and tacos! (Dragons Love Tacos, by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri). He is known to also take a bow at grownup’s shows.

• Cutie Pie Crocodile, “a fashion diva,” is always unpredictable, and appears for children and grownups.

• Word, the Bird loves rhymes, tells bird jokes, sings the alphabet, and warbles forgettable tunes—a bird for all seasons—and audiences.

• Dirty Dan, the World’s Dirtiest Man, has never taken a shower! D.D. tells the Shel Silverstein poem about the man who is so dirty, his ears can grow flowers! He can also be Pirate Dirty Dan, as well.

• Little Red Chicken, dressed in her bathrobe, can’t get to sleep without a story, yet keeps interrupting the stories and ruins them all. (The Interrupting Chicken, by David Ezra Stein)

• Angelina Angel is African American, the sweetest kindergartener you may ever meet, and shares non-ethnic stories for children and grownups.

• Tilly Tina Turtle, as shy as shy can be, eventually comes out of her shell to invite children to join her in song, singing her very-very-most favorite song, The ABC Song.

• Oogie Googie T. Bear, is silly, silly, silly, and has children singing along to The Bear Went Over the Mountain, with much theatrics. He also tells bear stories.

Willie Crow, fresh off the farm and still wearing his bib overalls, caws and crows, tells bird and farm stories, and is “just happy to be here.”

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Ventriloquist Puppets a/k/a/ The Usual Suspects

All of my fabric, soft-faced, ventriloquist puppets are very near and dear to my heart. Four, five, or even more make appearances at each performance, including concerts
for grownups.

An updated photograph with the “newest puppets!”